7. - 10. April 2021

Congress Center
Rosengarten Mannheim

Notes for Chairperson

Information and Documents for the session

Conflict of Interest (CoI)

The speakers have been requested to prepare a transparency in which they
declare their “Conflict of Interest (coi)”.
They also have to prepare a transparency, even if they have no “Coi”.

Please ensure that all speakers show their transparencies before their

Session Details

By decision of the Board, the automated time limit has been applied. In order to keep
the sessions running to schedule and allow questions from the audience the
presentations are irrevocably terminated after the assigned speaking time has expired.


  • DGK backround
    For the transmission via „zoom“ we would like to ask you to use the DGK backround (the technical set up of the backround will be explained during the briefing by metafusion).
  • Link to the question module
    Incoming user questions are displayed here during the event (Also on the live page, of course).